Bombs Over Bedmo (DnB/Hardcore) Oct 2009

Posted on 23rd October 2010 in Mixes / Sets

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What started out as a little birthday mix for my good friend Emma has turned out to be one of the most accomplished mixes I’ve done at DnB tempo and one of the most downloaded sets I’ve ever published. I’ve even been told that this set literally saved someone’s life, although I’m not sure on the specifics of that ;]

Track list:

Intro – Plug
Kristall Weizen – Limewax
Built From Spirals – Jakub23 & Culprate
Wretch – Spor
Expander – Current Value
Deliver US – 1904
Earth Cry – DJ Hidden
Contact (DnB remix) – Noisia & Foreign Beggars
Supernova – Spor
Moonway Renegade – Noisia & Mayhem
Meditation – Noisia & Bad Company
I wish You Could Talk – Squarepusher
Middle Of The Night – Evol Intent
Everything Is War – I:Gor
Symptomless Coma – Donny (Current Value remix)
Onkey – Limewax (Audio remix)
Stompbox – The Qemists (Spor remix)
Einstein Rosenbridge – Venetian Snares
Tear Your Soul Apart – Counterstrike & Donny
Tequila Mockingbird – Scheme Boy & Randomoidz
Last Man Standing (Bass Kicks) – The DJ Producer
Venus No.17 Acid Mix – Squarepusher
Block Control – Noisia
The Spine – DJ Hidden
Where’s The Score – Evol Intent
Pain – Lucio De Rimanez
Battle Angel – DJ Hidden
To Be A Robot – Lucio De Rimanez
Pyrotek – Broken Note
Deathray – Spor
Aeph & Maztek – Black Days
Each Of Us – Lucia De Rimanez & Cooh
Pressures – Atom & Cell (Noisia remix)
Anmitzcuaca – Alex Szhala

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