Flashpoint 2 – Dragon Rising – Environmental Audio

Posted on 1st August 2014 in Game Audio, Soundtrack Work, Video

As part of my Game Audio module for my BA Hons degree, I created a complete audio environment using Fmod Designer and the in-game mission editor.

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Music credit on new retro Xbox game Silent Call

Posted on 5th November 2010 in Game Audio, Released Works

A track of mine called Library Acid has been used on the Xbox game Silent Call. To hear it you’ll have to complete the game, which kinda makes my track the winning the trophy ;]

Click HERE for more info and download links.

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Songwriting & production credit on Rockstar Games Midnight Club LA

Posted on 25th October 2010 in Game Audio, Released Works, Soundtrack Work

Agent Elf, the band I currently provide synth, sampling and sound design duties for, got a track featured on Rockstar Games‘ drive-by shoot ’em up Midnight Club LA last year.

The full track list includes some of the biggest names in rock, pop and electronic music the world over, but for me, being on the same credits list as Trent Reznor is the biggest honour. Nice.

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