Moonlight Drumslut – Full download now available

Posted on 24th July 2014 in Released Works, _General moaning

This is an old track from 2009 which has been sat on my hard drive doing nothing for far too long. You can stream a preview from Soundcloud (below) or access the full track download via my Facebook page HERE or direct from my SHOP link on the right.

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7am Fog by End.User (Scheme Boy remix) – OUT NOW!

Posted on 17th October 2012 in Released Works

This is my remix of End.User’s 7am Fog. The original track was released on Ad Noiseam Records in 2011 on End.User’s album, Even Weight. ┬áThis remix was originally released on the 2012 Mashinenfest CD compilation.

You can now purchase this remix via my bandcamp store HERE.

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January Sale now on!

Posted on 12th January 2012 in Released Works, _General moaning

For this month only you can now get a 10% discount off all items in my digital store. This includes my remixes, original works and my entire back catalogue from Ninja Columbo Records. Just enter the discount code “schmohawk” when purchasing to receive your 10% discount. Enjoy :]

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Bandcamp store now open

Posted on 29th December 2010 in Released Works, _General moaning

Yes, after all the recent agro with the illegal distribution of my mp3s, I am proud to say that the official Scheme Boy digital download store is now open. This is the ONLY place where you can buy my original Ninja Columbo tracks digitally, all of which have been re-mastered. I am still waiting for the artwork to be completed for The Scheming Ninja Anthology, but the tracks are all available for the impatient among you. You will also find my releases from Sustained, Rancorous and Bang-a-Rang records, as well as a few free ones.

Support your artists, buy high quality, straight from the source!

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Music credit on new retro Xbox game Silent Call

Posted on 5th November 2010 in Game Audio, Released Works

A track of mine called Library Acid has been used on the Xbox game Silent Call. To hear it you’ll have to complete the game, which kinda makes my track the winning the trophy ;]

Click HERE for more info and download links.

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Songwriting & production credit on Rockstar Games Midnight Club LA

Posted on 25th October 2010 in Game Audio, Released Works, Soundtrack Work

Agent Elf, the band I currently provide synth, sampling and sound design duties for, got a track featured on Rockstar Games‘ drive-by shoot ’em up Midnight Club LA last year.

The full track list includes some of the biggest names in rock, pop and electronic music the world over, but for me, being on the same credits list as Trent Reznor is the biggest honour. Nice.

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The First One To Die Wins – Sustained Records (2010)

Posted on 23rd October 2010 in Released Works

After he had my Paranoid track from ZombFree as his alarm clock for about a year, Jon MacheeeN Boi, Head Honcho of Sustained Records, decided it needed a vinyl release. Not being one to make things easy on myself, I decided to completely overhaul the track for him and Para VIP was born (after I replaced my PC which, I should point out, melted whilst trying to run the arrangement for this track). This has to be one of my favourite releases so far, if not for the music and the fact I’m sharing wax with 3 of my fav producers (Enduser, Broken Note & The Teknoist), but for the actual record itself, the full artwork, super sexy 10″ double pack is an absolute beast.

With regards to the contest itself, well, we’re all pretty much agreed Miike should probably be the first one to die, but in actuality it’ll probably be Danimal, once the Para’s have decided he’s done enough push-ups to justify going abroad with a very big gun. Hence, Para VIP is dedicated to the legendary Danimal.

A Jane Doe – Enduser
B Unheard Voices – The Teknoist
C Para VIP – Scheme Boy
D Shark – Broken Note

Buy the vinyl

Buy the digital

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Salmagundi Mafia – Rancorous Records (2010)

Posted on 23rd October 2010 in Released Works

A nice little remix EP from Raxyor featuring some of my favourite people and producers. All the tracks have come out extremely varied in style and approach, as you would expect with names like Ebola, Babyshaker, TechDiff and Monster X providing the remixes. The artwork is pretty damn sick as well.

A1 Desperate Times – Raxyor
A2 Slaying Ghosts – Ebola remix
A3 Robonoid Wrecks New York City – TechDiff remix
B1 A Star For Every Child – Babyshaker
B2 Prolific Horror – Scheme Boy remix
B3 Robonoid Wrecks New York City – Monster X remix

(Buy the digital version of my remix here)

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Ninja Columbo (2007-2009)

Posted on 23rd October 2010 in Released Works

As most of you are probably aware, Ninja Columbo Records was my original home and a label I will always love dearly. Both myself and Greg Dolphin were working with Miike Teknoist a lot at the time of Ninjas conception and I like to think the Ninja style was pretty much dictated by the combination of all three of our sounds and styles. I think the point all three of us wanted to make was that hardcore techno didnt need to be idiotic and just focussed on kick drums, in fact it could be extremely musical, well produced and wonderfully edited. I think I managed to keep my efforts for the label musical, especially on my debut Section 20 EP, but as for well produced and wonderfully edited, well, full marks go to Miike & Greg there rather than me I think!


Ninja Columbo 4 – The Section 20 EP

Ninja Columbo 5- The 3 Hit Combo EP

Ninja Columbo 6 – The Canary War EP


ZombFRee #1 – Contains my original version of I Think I’m Paranoid which later saw a VIP edition released on vinyl by Sustained Records.

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The Clone Wars EP – Anticlone Records (2008)

Posted on 23rd October 2010 in Released Works

Unfortunately for me, this record will always be over-shadowed by the rush in which it was finished and the bad vinyl pressing which caused over a minute to be brutally cut off from the end of Dry. It’s not one of my favourites as a result. That said, I’m led to believe I’m in the minority. It seems lots of people love it and I’ve seen it crop up in a fair few sets over the last couple of years, so what do I know? Ignore me and just buy it I guess.

Anticlone Records

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