Ninja Columbo (2007-2009)

Posted on 23rd October 2010 in Released Works

As most of you are probably aware, Ninja Columbo Records was my original home and a label I will always love dearly. Both myself and Greg Dolphin were working with Miike Teknoist a lot at the time of Ninjas conception and I like to think the Ninja style was pretty much dictated by the combination of all three of our sounds and styles. I think the point all three of us wanted to make was that hardcore techno didnt need to be idiotic and just focussed on kick drums, in fact it could be extremely musical, well produced and wonderfully edited. I think I managed to keep my efforts for the label musical, especially on my debut Section 20 EP, but as for well produced and wonderfully edited, well, full marks go to Miike & Greg there rather than me I think!


Ninja Columbo 4 – The Section 20 EP

Ninja Columbo 5- The 3 Hit Combo EP

Ninja Columbo 6 – The Canary War EP


ZombFRee #1 – Contains my original version of I Think I’m Paranoid which later saw a VIP edition released on vinyl by Sustained Records.

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