Live at Lakota, Bristol 12/03/11

Posted on 16th March 2011 in Gigs, Mixes / Sets, Video

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Jigsore vs Rutfuk @ Lakota, Bristol, March 12th 2011

Posted on 11th February 2011 in Gigs

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Bandcamp store now open

Posted on 29th December 2010 in Released Works, _General moaning

Yes, after all the recent agro with the illegal distribution of my mp3s, I am proud to say that the official Scheme Boy digital download store is now open. This is the ONLY place where you can buy my original Ninja Columbo tracks digitally, all of which have been re-mastered. I am still waiting for the artwork to be completed for The Scheming Ninja Anthology, but the tracks are all available for the impatient among you. You will also find my releases from Sustained, Rancorous and Bang-a-Rang records, as well as a few free ones.

Support your artists, buy high quality, straight from the source!

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Audio Sickness: Revised

Posted on 14th December 2010 in _General moaning

In response to Audio Sickness’ recent online statement…

I’d like to thank Audio Sickness for ceasing to trade my work on their site. That was all I ever wanted in the first place. Just a shame it took 6 weeks and a soured friendship to come to the right decision.

Despite standing by every word in my original post, I am happy to remove it and until I hear any different from Audio Sickness, I will now regard the matter closed.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch over the last week. I appreciate the support guys!

Scheme Boy

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Music credit on new retro Xbox game Silent Call

Posted on 5th November 2010 in Game Audio, Released Works

A track of mine called Library Acid has been used on the Xbox game Silent Call. To hear it you’ll have to complete the game, which kinda makes my track the winning the trophy ;]

Click HERE for more info and download links.

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Saturday 30th October – Ghent, Belgium

Posted on 25th October 2010 in Gigs

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Sound design on The Black Page

Posted on 25th October 2010 in Soundtrack Work, Video

This is a live clip from The Sancho Plan’s re-working of Frank Zappa’s classic, The Black Page.  I worked on the sound design for the animated scenes. More info can be found here.

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Songwriting & production credit on Rockstar Games Midnight Club LA

Posted on 25th October 2010 in Game Audio, Released Works, Soundtrack Work

Agent Elf, the band I currently provide synth, sampling and sound design duties for, got a track featured on Rockstar Games‘ drive-by shoot ’em up Midnight Club LA last year.

The full track list includes some of the biggest names in rock, pop and electronic music the world over, but for me, being on the same credits list as Trent Reznor is the biggest honour. Nice.

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It Doesn’t Have To Be Dullstep (Bass/Dub) Oct 2010

Posted on 23rd October 2010 in Mixes / Sets

Grab it here :]

This set is a first for me in two ways. Firstly, it’s the first mix I’ve done for Rob Booth’s excellent Electronic Explorations podcast and secondly, it’s the first predominantly dubstep mix I’ve ever put together. Of course by dubstep I mean good bass heavy tunes and not a load of shouty, wobbly, bro-step.

Track list:

01 – Scheme Boy – Asymmetrical Hair Tan
02 – Scorn (Wee DJs remix) – Gravel Bed
03 – Noisia & Foreign Beggars (Excision remix) – No Holds Barred
04 – Akira Kiteshi – Boom ‘n’ Pow
05 – Stupid Fresh (Twocker remix) – Stupid Theme
06 – Dolphin – Dubcore
07 – Hecq & Exillion (Teknoist remix) – Spheres of Fury
08 – Cursor Miner – Grimewatch
09 – Roel Funcken – Lajor Mazer
10 – 16 Bit – Swine Flu
11 – Septic Insurgent (Teknoist remix) – Box of Dreams
12 – Amon Tobin – Hey Mr Tree
13 – Skeetaz – Elephunk
14 – Ag3nda – This Is Now
15 – Slaughter Mob – Dub Weapon
16 – Kid 606 (Kanji Kinetic remix) – Dancehall of the Dead
17 – Roel Funcken – Martyrz
18 – Noisia – Split The Atom
19 – Monster X (Teknoist remix) – Werewolf Gangbang
20 – Machine Code – Audio Assault
21 – Kanji Kinetic – Zombies
22 – Loops Haunt – Huarache
23 – Kraddy (Mochipet remix) – Android Porn
24 – Encode & DaVIP – Vamonos
25 – Scheme Boy – The Tale of Leonard Balb

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The First One To Die Wins – Sustained Records (2010)

Posted on 23rd October 2010 in Released Works

After he had my Paranoid track from ZombFree as his alarm clock for about a year, Jon MacheeeN Boi, Head Honcho of Sustained Records, decided it needed a vinyl release. Not being one to make things easy on myself, I decided to completely overhaul the track for him and Para VIP was born (after I replaced my PC which, I should point out, melted whilst trying to run the arrangement for this track). This has to be one of my favourite releases so far, if not for the music and the fact I’m sharing wax with 3 of my fav producers (Enduser, Broken Note & The Teknoist), but for the actual record itself, the full artwork, super sexy 10″ double pack is an absolute beast.

With regards to the contest itself, well, we’re all pretty much agreed Miike should probably be the first one to die, but in actuality it’ll probably be Danimal, once the Para’s have decided he’s done enough push-ups to justify going abroad with a very big gun. Hence, Para VIP is dedicated to the legendary Danimal.

A Jane Doe – Enduser
B Unheard Voices – The Teknoist
C Para VIP – Scheme Boy
D Shark – Broken Note

Buy the vinyl

Buy the digital

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