Scheme Boy – Ribstep FM 26/03/11

Posted on 4th April 2011 in Mixes / Sets

This was my first appearance on Ribstep FM and is also pretty similar to the set I recently played in the Sustained Records room at Jigsore in Lakota, Bristol. I moved this set from my soundcloud as it was killing my allowance. You can download the set directly from here.

Track List:

The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days
Saeg – Computer Music (Opiuo remix)
Noisia & Foreign Beggars – Contact
Opiuo – Glottal Stomp
Cursor Miner – Dressed As A Clown
Phoenecia – Y-Intercpnkt
Cursor Miner – Foxfux
The DJ Producer – XTC 2002
Monster X – Werewolf Gangbang (The Teknoist remix)
Machine Code – Audio Assault
Speedy J – Actor 9
Hellfish – House of a 1000 Kick Drums
Scheme Boy & The Teknoist – Wet [Bent Grannies]
Mr.Kill – Aerodynamit Punx
DJ Hidden – Earth Cry
Dolphin – The Death of Theocles
Scheme Boy & Tugie – Untitled #2
TriaMer – Hospital
Noisia – Machine Gun (Spor remix)
DJ Hidden – Scintillate
Broken Note – Channel Zero
Ophidian – Abandon
Current Value – Frogger
Epsilon – No Try
Igorrr – Melting Nails (Rotator remix)
Scheme Boy & Randomoidz – Tequila Mockingbird
Silent Killer & Counterstrike – Supremacy Bleeds
Scheme Boy & Tugie – Untitled #3
Lucio de Rimanez & Cooh – Each of Us
Dolphin – Soul Cannibal VIP
Igor – Gangbang (AK Industry remix)
Gancher – Midnight Flashback
Tugie – Noizi Beggars

Thx to Sustained Records for their hosting.

Enjoy :]

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