The First One To Die Wins – Sustained Records (2010)

Posted on 23rd October 2010 in Released Works

After he had my Paranoid track from ZombFree as his alarm clock for about a year, Jon MacheeeN Boi, Head Honcho of Sustained Records, decided it needed a vinyl release. Not being one to make things easy on myself, I decided to completely overhaul the track for him and Para VIP was born (after I replaced my PC which, I should point out, melted whilst trying to run the arrangement for this track). This has to be one of my favourite releases so far, if not for the music and the fact I’m sharing wax with 3 of my fav producers (Enduser, Broken Note & The Teknoist), but for the actual record itself, the full artwork, super sexy 10″ double pack is an absolute beast.

With regards to the contest itself, well, we’re all pretty much agreed Miike should probably be the first one to die, but in actuality it’ll probably be Danimal, once the Para’s have decided he’s done enough push-ups to justify going abroad with a very big gun. Hence, Para VIP is dedicated to the legendary Danimal.

A Jane Doe – Enduser
B Unheard Voices – The Teknoist
C Para VIP – Scheme Boy
D Shark – Broken Note

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